STSH - 2020

Application (STSH - 2020) → Application Instructions

1. For STSH 2020 program, the last date for receiving ONLINE completed applications with research proposal and other enclosures is 5th August 2020. Proposals received by e-mail will not be considered. The application form has to be filled in and submitted online as per detailed instructions provided. No hard copies of the proposal shall be received or considered.

2. The student must carry out the research in his/ her own medical college under the guide who is employed in the medical college as a faculty.

3. Only permanent full time faculty members working in any of the Department of the Medical College where the student is enrolled can act as the guide. Part time consultants/visiting faculty/ residents/ Tutors/ PG students cannot be the guide.

4. Only one student will be allowed to work under one guide. Similarly one guide can take up only one student under STSH in any given year. Two or more students are not permitted to work on same topic together. Proposals submitted on the same topic by different students are liable to be rejected outright. The student may have one Guide and other Co-Guides. However, CCRH will recognize only ONE main Guide for all purposes.

5. The student should obtain a clearance from the Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) if the proposal involves research on human participants and from Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) if the work involves use of animals. Informed consent is to be obtained for research on human participants. For more information please refer to ICMR "Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research on Human Participants 2017" available on

6. If the proposal is accepted, Institutional Ethics Committee approval should be obtained from the medical college where the student is enrolled before initiating research.

7. The student should have all documents ready before filling up online application form (Research proposal/ attestation form/ other enclosures like IEC approval, ICF, Case record forms etc).

8. Scanned documents i.e. Application/ Report Attestation Form, Ethics Committee Clearance or other files viz., Case record, Questionnaire etc. should be submitted as PDF file only.

9. Only PDF files can be uploaded on CCRH website and other formats viz. MS. Word, JPEG etc. will not be accepted.

10. Students who were unable to complete their STSH project can re-apply for the next session with the same project. However, it will not be given any special preference and will be treated as a fresh/ new application.

11. Students/Guides are requested to submit STSH applications well in advance and not to wait for the last date and avoid the last minute rush.

12. The Council will not be responsible in case the student is unable to submit the proposal/ project in time due to any reason whatsoever and request for extension of last date will not be considered.

13. Students are requested to visit CCRH website ( and comply with instructions updated from time to time about STSH program.