STSH - 2020

Application (STSH - 2020) → Application Process

Eligibility: Please note that this program is only for undergraduate homoeopathic students before they appear in their final exams and therefore, interns/ PG students are not eligible to apply.

STSH is a paperless ONLINE program of the Council. Submission of STSH 2020 application/proposal is a two step process:

I. Registration of student details and e-mail address between - 20th June 2020 - 20th July 2020 (Fill in Part A of ONLINE form).

II. Submission of application/proposal along with other details between - 21st July 2020 to 5th August 2020 (Fill in Part B, C & D of ONLINE form).


Student Details (ONLINE Form Part-A)

1. Interested students should register their e-mail address and other details between 20th June 2020 - 20th July 2020.

2. Each STSH application and research proposal should be submitted along with duly filled in and attested Application Attestation Form (AAF).

3. The Application attestation form should be filled up, signed, attested, scanned and saved as a PDF file. ONLINE submissions of application/ research proposal will not be accepted unless accompanied by Application Attestation Form (AAF).

4. A student can submit one application on selected topic. In case a student submits more than one proposal, all the proposals will be automatically rejected.

Particulars of Guide (ONLINE Form Part-B)

Complete details including Name, Designation, Department, Medical College, Contact details including current email address to be provided. The Guide should ensure that she/he selects a suitable brief topic for this studentship, which can be completed within stipulated time without asking for extension. The guide may forward the application of only ONE student each year for STSH program.

STSH Application/Proposal (ONLINE Form Part-C)

This should be prepared in brief with the following sections-Title (upto 25 words), Introduction (upto 300 words), Objectives (upto 100 words), Methodology (upto 800 words), Implications (upto 100 words), References (upto 300 words) of the study. The proposal should describe a brief work plan of proposed research giving a short introduction, objectives and also clearly stating the methodology giving sample size and appropriate statistical methodology, which will be used along with implications of the research study. The student may include the case report form, informed consent form or any other questionnaire also as part of project proposal or can submit them as separate attachments. The proposal/ project should not have any identifying information of the student or guide for unbiased review by reviewers. Please remove the following information from the STSH project:
* Name of the student/ guide
* Address/ contact details
* Telephone no.
* E-mail ID's
Further, detailed Guidelines for 'Preparing STSH Proposal' are provided on CCRH website and can be used as a guide in writing up a proposal.

Enclosures/ Attachments (ONLINE Form Part-D)

The enclosures may be scanned and saved as PDF file for submission. Please ensure that the file size should not exceed 1 MB.

i. Compulsory attachment: Submission of 'Application Attestation Form' as per format provided is compulsory with the application. The blank form can be downloaded from website and this has to be filled in and passport size photograph should be pasted by the student. This may then be signed by the Guide and attested and forwarded by the Head of the Department and the Head of the Institution/ Principal/ Dean of the Medical College (with stamp/ seal of the institution). Once the Attestation Form is signed by all, the student must scan it and save it as a PDF file. This must be uploaded at the time of ONLINE submission. Application will not be accepted unless accompanied with Application Attestation Form (AFF).

ii. Optional Enclosures: IEC and IAEC submission at the time of application submission is optional however mandatory alongwith the final report. Student is required to obtain clearance from Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) or an Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) for the research. However, submission of ethics committee approval at this stage is optional. In case IEC approval is not obtained at the time of submission of application, kindly do not submit any other document instead as submission of wrong documents can lead to disqualification. If the proposal/project is selected for STSH Program, the student must obtain an ethical clearance before initiating research. In addition, if there are plans to use an Informed Consent Form or any Case Study Form or Questionnaire, the same may also be enclosed. Please note that submission of IEC/ IAEC certificate is mandatory at the time of STS report submission. Any research carried out without appropriate IEC/IAEC approval will be automatically rejected.