STSH - 2020

About STSH → Eligibility

1. This program is only for undergraduate Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) students before they appear in their final exams and therefore, interns/ PG students are not eligible to apply.

2. The student must carry out the research in his/ her own medical college under the guide who is employed in the medical college as a faculty. Only permanent full time faculty members working in any of the Department of the Medical College where the student is enrolled can act as the guide. Part time consultants/visiting faculty/ residents/ Tutors/ PG students cannot be the guide.

3. Only one student will be allowed to work under one guide. Two or more are not permitted to work on the same topic together. Proposals submitted on the same topic by different students are liable to be rejected outright. The student may have one Guide and other Co-Guides. However, CCRH will recognize only ONE main Guide for all purposes.

4. Only Indian National students who are studying in recognized homeopathic medical colleges of India can apply. NRI's & Students from foreign institutes are not eligible for this program.