STSH - 2020

About STSH → Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When do the STSH registrations begin ?

The STSH registration period is for about one month beginning from 20th June till 20th July.

2. How do I choose the topic for my research ?

Students are free to choose any topic related to medical research depending on their interest. The topic should be relevant and should lead to creation of new knowledge or help in gaining new knowledge or skills by the student. Research should not be carried out on well established/ known facts.

3. I want to apply for STSH, is there any nationality criteria ?

Only Indian National students who are studying in recognized homoeopathic medical colleges of India can apply. NRI's & Students from foreign institutes are not eligible for this program.

4. How do I apply ONLINE for STSH ?

Please visit CCRH website ( and go to through all the information/ instructions under STSH link, register your email address and then apply ONLINE.

5. I don't have my email id, may I use my friends/parents/other relative's email id for registration ?

Students should use their email id and in case they do not have an email they may create a new e-mail id before registration. They should remember their email id and its password and be able to access their account.

6. What is the eligibility criteria to apply for STSH ?

STSH program is open only to undergraduate Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) students who have not yet appeared in their final exams.

7. I am a final year BHMS student and going to begin my internship? Am I eligible for applying ?

No, you will not be eligible.

8. What is the last date for registration/ proposal/ report submission ?

Information regarding last date for registration and proposal/report submission is provided on CCRH website. Kindly note that there will be no extension of the last date.

9. I was not selected for STSH this year. Can I apply again ?

A student can apply each year till he/ she appears in the final year exams. However interns are not eligible.

10. What information is needed at the time of registration ?

Registration form is divided into three sections
* Login Details: Please provide student's active email id and mobile number.
* Course Details: Student name, course, college name & address.
* Personal Details: Student's date of birth & residence address.
Kindly note that Guide's details or projects details are not required at the time of registration.

11. I am trying to open CCRH website but it's not working. What should I do ?

The reason for this may be that your internet browser is not updated. Kindly update your internet browser or try to access STSH link from another location/ computer system.

12. During the registration process/ proposal/ report submission, I got a message that web page has expired/ session time out. What does it mean ?

You would get a time limit of 20 min to fill up and submit. Kindly have everything ready for submission and complete the process in given time.

13. How do I know that my on-line registration is successful? Do I get any acknowledgement upon submission of on-line form ?

Yes, you will get a confirmation message on your computer screen and an automated email will also sent into your registered e-mail id.

14. I have successfully registered for STSH. How can I change my registered details ?

You will get an opportunity to make a change in your registered details at the time of proposal submission. After proposal has been submitted you may send an email request to for changing previously registered details.

15. I have successfully registered for STSH, how can I submit my proposal/ when will the proposal submission start ?

The submission will begin after the registration period is over. For more details please read "Application Instructions" on the website.

16. Can one guide take two students or can submit two projects for STSH ?

Please note that one student should register once and submit only one proposal. Similarly one guide can take one student under him/ her each year. In case duplicate names of student or guide are found all applications will be automatically rejected.

17. My registered email id has been blocked/ lost/ forgotten/ incorrect. Can I register again with a new email id ?

The program automatically searches for duplicate registration and all duplicate entries will be deleted. In case you need to register again you must send an email to and request for cancellation of the incorrect previous registration. In case the registration period is over you may send an email to for changing previously registered email-id.

18. What identifying details should be removed from the proposal/ report ?

Name and Contact details of student/guide should not be present in the proposal/ report (including name, address, email-id, telephone number).

19. I want to know that Part B (Guide details) should be filled up by Guide or self ?

Part B (Guide details) may be filled up by the student or the guide.

20. What are the types of attestation forms ?

Application Attestation Form (AAF) is to be submitted with the research proposal and Report Attestation Form (RAF) is to be submitted along with the report.

21. Should my photograph on the Application/Report attestation form be attested ?

Attestation of photograph is not required.

22. I am trying to submit proposal/ report from hostel but whenever I am clicking on STSH link it's not working. Please suggest what should I do ?

It is possible that STSH online link IP is blocked in your institution or in your locality due to some security reasons. In such case you should request your network administrator to unblock IP address or try to submit from another place/location.

23. At the time of uploading proposal/ report, I pressed refresh button, and after that I got an error message. How do I know if the submission has been done ?

On successful completion you will get an automated message as well as an email will be sent to your email address. Kindly do not press refresh button while uploading or submission process is going.

24. When proposal/ report result will come out ?

Result for proposals will be announced around October and for review of report between July-August. For more details please read the instructions on the CCRH website.

25. My proposal has been selected. Can I make some changes to aims/ objectives or methodology ?

Minor changes may be acceptable. You may however need to take permission from the ethics committee for any changes. Major changes will not be permitted. You must inform (with appropriate justification) regarding the changes at the time of report submission. These will be reviewed & may or may not be accepted.

26. Ethics committee has not held any meeting yet? Can I submit the ethical clearance later ?

Ethics committee approval should be obtained any time between October-March before beginning your research work. Submission of ethical clearance at the time of submission of application/ proposal is optional. However before beginning research the ethics committee approval is mandatory and should be obtained. A copy of the same must be submitted along with the report. No research should be done if ethics committee has not given the clearance. Report on research carried out without ethical approvals shall not be accepted under any circumstances.

27. I would like to work with another institute/outside my medical college. How do I do that ?

The student is required to take the Guide from the same homoeopathic medical college and is free to work in collaboration with another Institute with a co-guide after obtaining due approval from his college. Kindly note that in such cases ethics committee approval may be required from both the Institutions.

28. Can a parent if working as a faculty in the same college, become a guide of his or her child ?

Preferably the parent should not be the guide of his or her child, however permission of college authorities may be taken for exceptional reasons.

29. Do I need to submit all the raw data in excel sheet ?

No, it is not required. You may extract the relevant data and present it in the tabular form in the report.

30. Do I need to submit completed case record forms and signed informed consent forms from all the participants ?

No, you need to only submit one blank unsigned consent form/ case report form. Confidential information about participants should not be submitted.

31. My guide has left/moved/transferred from medical college. May I change my guide ?

Yes, the student may approach another faculty member from the same department and take permission of college authorities regarding the change. You do not need the permission of the Council for this change. However you need to inform CCRH regarding this at the time of report submission.

32. How to make/ reduce the size of the PDF file ?

Student can make use of internet or available software's/ tools for making/ reduce the size of PDF file. In case you have a difficulty, kindly take help from computer personnel.

33. How to insert image file into word document ?

* Open the Microsoft Word.
* Choose the "Insert" tab and from that menu ribbon select "Picture" option.
* Browse your graphic file.
* Choose your image, and then click Insert.

34. I have forgotten my password to login for STSH, what should I do ?

Please click on "I forgot my password?" link on STSH login page. Enter your registered email id and press "Recover Password" button. An automated email will be sent to your registered email account with your password.

35. What should be the name of the files which I want to upload s?

There is no specific requirement, you are free to choose any file name.

36. I have attached the documents online, do I have to send the hard copy as well ?

No, since STSH is an online paperless program, there is no need to submit hard copies of the documents.

37. I do not have a bank account, may I use my parent's/ Guide's or /other's account?

Payment will be made either online or via cheque in the name of student. Therefore a student should have a bank account (single or joint) to receive the stipend.

38. Can I publish the results of my study ?

You are free to publish paper/ present your work in conferences without seeking permission from the Council. However you must acknowledge the support received from CCRH under STSH program for your research & sends a reprint of your paper to CCRH for records.

39. My report has been accepted. Will it be published by CCRH in its journal/ bulletin ?

Kindly note that there is no procedure for automatic publication of STSH reports in CCRH journal/ bulletin. In case you want to publish, you may consult your guide and identify a suitable journal and write a paper for submission as per journal requirements.

40. When will I receive my certificate and at which address ?

Certificates will be posted to Principal's office 6-8 months after declaration of report results and an email will be sent to students informing about the same. The students will be requested to collect the certificates from their college office.

41. When will I receive my stipend & at which address ?

About 3 months after report results are declared stipend cheque will be posted to the student on the address provided in the online submission form. An email will also to send to inform the students at that time.

42. Whom do I contact in case of any queries ?

Contact information is provided on CCRH website. You may either call or send an email to For any query call on 011-28525523, 28521162.

43. Will the efforts of my guide recognized ?

To recognize the efforts of the guide, his/her name is printed in the Certificate.